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All consultants need to register on Milkbench+ to benchmark their clients’ dairy farms. Please enter your details on the form below to register. You will be asked to enter your email address and to choose a password which will be your username and password for logging in to the Milkbench+ website on return visits. After you press the Register button you will be directed to the consultants’ section of Milkbench+.


Once you have registered on Milkbench+ you can access your clients’ data through the “My Farms” page. When you first register you will have no farms assigned to you.


In order for you to access your clients’ data you will need to obtain their permission. This can be completed automatically, a process managed by the client (details of how your client can do this can be found on the Getting started page after they have registered and logged in to their account.) Similarly a client can remove access at any time on this website.


Please note that by registering as a consultant on Milkbench+ you agree not to disclose either individual or aggregated Milkbench+ data to anyone other than your client or to the discussion group (in confidence) of which your client is a member.


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